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Distance Learning Degrees

Distance learning can be defined as the learning while physically distant from the institution from which you’re gaining an education. The student and teacher may be separated by country lines and time zones, and classmates will be based in different cities and possibly countries. There is a multitude of reasons why so many people are opting to enrol on distance learning degrees, all of which are being made easier through new communication technologies. Program delivery methods vary. While some courses may require the student to do his or her work mainly online and sit exams at a designated local location, others may require the student attend weekly lectures in addition to completing work online (cited from

Students can earn a great variety of distance learning degrees from accredited academic institutions. In fact, more degrees are offered by distance learning online than on most traditional college campuses. With distance learning, students have the ability to simultaneously take diverse courses at multiple universities around the world. Degrees can be earned at all levels: certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate’s. If earning a degree is not your goal, consider taking distance learning courses that simply sound interesting to you.(cited from © 2018/19