Opportunity of Next Generation Learning

Distance Learning Programmes in NUS, Singapore

Distance Learning drives several key programmes in NUS. These are conducted using a variety of conferencing tools, facilitated by CIT.
Singapore-MIT Alliance

The Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) is a graduate education and research collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

CIT facilitates the video conferencing necessary to enable professors from the three universities to teach students regardless of their location.

Through conferencing, students and lecturers get to interact despite being separated by oceans and time zones. The audio-visual conference also includes the respective lecture content: slides and graphics, which are transmitted as the conference takes place.
Master of Science in Financial Engineering

The Master of Science in Financial Engineering is a multi-disciplinary programme run by the Risk Management Institute that combines finance, mathematics and computing, with an emphasis on practical solutions to problems in finance. The programme is offered in as a full-time, part-time or fully distance learning mode. In distance learning mode, students and staff use the Virtual Classroom to conduct and attend lessons from any connected computer in the world.
Temple University-NUS SAGE Certification Programme

PR5302 Drug Development Process and PR5303 Good Regulatory Practices, part of the Temple University-NUS SaGE Certification Programme, are being conducted in Singapore with faculty at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA.

The modules, among essential courses leading to a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, are a blend of live video conference lectures and tutorials as well as recorded lectures with online discussions. This is ideal as students taking these courses are busy working adults.

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