Opportunity of Next Generation Learning

Kyoto University Distance Learning, Japan

Since Spring 2011, the International Center has begun offering a select number of Japanese language classes linked via the University’s distance learning system to provide students in the Katsura and Uji campuses easier access to the center’s Japanese classes, and to provide international students more opportunities to study Japanese.

Classes offered by the center are intended as supplementary classes to provide students and researchers the Japanese skills needed for daily living and pursuing studies at Kyoto University. With the exception of university-level exchange students, these classes are non-credited. A certificate of completion will be issued upon request.

Please note that the International Center does not offer degree programs in Japanese language study, Japanese language education or Japanese studies. Kyoto University does not have an independent faculty for the study of Japanese.

In addition to Japanese classes, the center offers faculty office hours, an Ask More Class and introductory hiragana classes as additional support to international students and researchers at Kyoto University.

Students/researchers who are unable to attend Japanese classes due to their schedules, or spouses who are interested in learning Japanese, please check the information under “Additional Japanese Language Support” and “Studying Japanese on Your Own” (see menu at right) for other resources of Japanese language instruction.


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