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Topics covered provides a reasonably comprehensive introduction to biotechnology.
The field of biotechnology is very broad, diverse and fast moving.
Information from many different areas of biotechnology are integrated to give students basic information on essential concepts and methods and an understanding of how the field is evolving and what developments are on the horizon.

1. Define the term “biotechnology” and which scientific areas make up biotechnology.
2. Appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of biotechnology, knowing the many fields that biotechnology impacts.
3. Know that biotechnology has a long history, tracing back ten thousand years. Be familiar with selective breeding
practices in ancient times.
4. Know the importance of plant germplasm in ancient and modern times.
5. Define “fermentation,” and know the many items that were produced in ancient times using fermentation and
where those items were produced. Also be aware of how fermentation has evolved in modern times.
6. Compare classical biotechnology to ancient and modern biotechnology. Know the timeframes for each stage of
biotechnology, as well as the major accomplishments in each of these stages.
7. List the major events that served as the basis of modern biotechnology.
8. List the events that led up to the determination of the structure of DNA. Also list the events that built upon the
structure of DNA and formed the foundation of molecular biology.Be familiar with the first recombinant DNA,
electrophoresis, and DNA cloning experiments.

Units Covered

1. Biotechnology: Old and New.
2. From DNA to Proteins.
3. Basic Principles of Recombinant DNA Technology.
4. Basic Principles of Immunology.
5. Microbial Biotechnology.
6. Plant Biotechnology.
7. Animal Biotechnology.
8. Marine Biotechnology.
9. Genomics.
10. Medical Biotechnology.
11. DNA Profiling, Forensics, and Other Applications.
12. Regulation, Patents, and Society.

Certificate of Participation will be issued basing on given criteria.
Please take all the required online tests and score at least 80% each.

Course Materials
Biotechnology: An Introduction (with InfoTrac) Susan R. Barnum 2nd Edition
(supplementary material)

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