Opportunity of Next Generation Learning

Online and Off-Campus Learning, Monah University, Australia

You don’t have to be at Monash to study with Monash
Off-campus learning

Off-campus learning describes studying in non-traditional ways that best suit your circumstances. A range of study modes is available, depending on your chosen course, including online, blended, taking some intensive units on campus, and workplace learning.

Off-campus is the perfect option for flourishing professionals who value both flexibility and direct interactions with like-minded students and quality time with expert academic staff.

Some courses are only available in off-campus mode, and are designed for professional development within the workplace as you study.  Other courses give you the option of transferring betTheyen off-campus and on-campus study as your needs change.

They offer more than 100 postgraduate courses off-campus, so you’re bound to find something that will accelerate your career and satisfy your intellectual passion.

Monash Online

They’re pretty excited about Monash Online. Using the latest technology, They’re creating an academic network energised by brilliant thinking.

Monash Online is a completely new, educationally innovative venture. It’s a dynamic way of interacting with your lecturers and peers via audio, video, chat and other engagement tools. You can access your content across all your internet-enabled devices – computers, tablets and phones.

Unlike other online models, you’ll never feel like a consumer passively watching a lecture on screen. They’re revolutionising the online education experience to make it both personalised and community-orientated. They’ll nurture you through a highly interactive online experience, which includes one-on-one support. You’ll also create a network of peers to encourage and inspire you through your degree and into your career.

In other words, They’re bringing online learning to life.

They’re still building the suite of courses They’ll offer through Monash Online. Currently, you can complete a Master of Education in Sustainability or a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

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